Fully funded by the National Science Foundation, KEY2PHYSICS provides a collection of learning, assessment, tutoring, data, and computing resources for physics educators and their students. Our assessment and tutoring feature allows for instantaneous student feedback with question specific hints for students who are struggling. In addition, real-time learning charts and reports are available to help educators adapt instruction to meet the individual needs of their students. Our computing resources integrate real-world data with the RStudio statistical computing platform, allowing all students the opportunity to conduct real-world statistical analysis. Finally, in an effort to foster community, our site integrates a message board for physics educators looking to share ideas, tips, and insights with other educators worldwide.


Educators can choose from a collection of questions to assign to students. Students get instant feedback, regarding the correctness, to answers submitted to questions.

Teacher Dashboard

As students work through their assignments, educators are provided with a real-time dashboard and custom reports to provide updates to student progress.

Learning Resources

Students can draw on a large collection of learning tutorials by topic. Tutorials include notes, worked examples, and video lessons.

RStudio Physics Software

All registered students and teachers get their own individual RStudio accounts. This allows any student or teacher the ability to analyze and explore data using today’s most powerful physics package anywhere they want.

Community Message Board

Educators can benefit and participate in the community message board.

100% Free

This website, and all of its resources, have been created with funding from the National Science Foundation.

"KEY2PHYSICS is an awesome way to get the feedback immediately for you as the teacher and for the students. It has completely changed the way I do my homework."

Mark Simoneau, Physics TeacherGreater Lowell Technical High School - Tyngsborough, MA

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